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The fastest, most effective credit repair services

High credit scores help you get approved for financing. They also provide the benefits of lower interest rates, lower monthly payments and lower loan delivery fees.

Our credit repair services help you boost your credit scores by removing negative items from your credit reports – such as:

  • late payments,
  • charge-offs,
  • collections,
  • foreclosures,
  • tax liens,
  • repossessions,
  • bankruptcies, and other inaccuracies.




CreditUs's credit repair services are trusted by mortgage professionals nationwide. Lenders are referring more and more of their clients to CreditUs because of the effectiveness and speed of our credit repair services. Not to mention the fact that no matter who your mortgage professional is, CreditUs is able to keep him notified automatically, whenever your credit reports have been updated and our credit repair services were able to boost your credit scores.

Credit repair matters

The higher your credit score, the lower your interest rates, monthly payments and loan delivery fees. Whether you’re looking to buy an auto or a house, our credit repair services can save you literally thousands of dollars on your loan.

Just take a look at the example on the left. This is how much you could save on a $300,000 30-year fixed mortgage just by increasing your credit score.