If your property is Miami-Dade County, it is relatively easy to find open permits. First find your folio number by clicking HERE and search for your property either by name or address.

Once you have your folio number,  click HERE and go to the bottom of the page you can search for Open Permits by Folio number. Enter your folio number and follow the prompts to find out if there are any open permits.

Once you find your open permit numbers you can return to the same page and enter the permit numbers or hit the links to find out the details and who opened the permit. Look at both the name of the company and the qualifier number.  Subcontractors often close one business and open another under another name. The licensee is the person responsible for the open permit.

If the contractor is still in business you can contact them and ask them to close the permit. Some of the more reputable companies will go ahead and close the permit. If your contractor refuses, you can file a complaint with the building dept or the Florida Board of Professional Regulations. But that means that you’ll have to request a change of contractor and pull a permit in your name to request a final inspection.

You can also search for properties that you may be interested in buying to see if they have any open permits.