In today's real-estate market, more homeowners are becoming landlords. After all, home prices are down 50% or more in some parts of the country. The thought of trying to sell in such a market can make even the most weathered homeowner's stomach clench. If you're thinking about turning your home into a rental property and becoming a landlord to ride things out, what must you do to make it happen? Here are 5 steps to get you started.

LEASING YOUR CONDO (for Landlords)

Leasing your condo is not an easy task.  With that being said, if you follow these 10 steps it will help you make this transition from a vacant unit to being a landlord.  If you think about it, most of us never intended to be a landlord.  We purchased our first unit, simply outgrow it, move on to bigger and better and then have to plan on how to manage the newly designated “rental” unit that we now own.  Here are 10 steps to take before you rent your condo.



In order to find the right apartment, townhouse, or house to rent, you must be prepared for what to do before you set out to look at homes, what to do during the search, and what to do once you’ve find the right place.  Here's 12 steps to get you started.


RENT TO OWN (for Tenants)

While searching on the internet for homes to purchase or rent, you may have run across advertisements with insanely low monthy payments and the tern rent-to-own. But what does it really mean?

Rent-to-Own is also called lease purchase or option to buy. I receive numerous calls on this question because it sounds like an easy way to purchase a home.  Click here to find out everything about Rent-To-Own